The government for the City of Elk Run Heights, consists of a Mayor and 5 Council members. The council meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  The council members are the policy makers. They address critical public needs and wants. They have to balance what is for the public good but also the concepts of fairness and justice.

The Mayor is the Chief executive officer of the city and the presiding officer of the council. The Mayor and council members are the leaders of our community. They are dedicated to Elk Run and are committed to providing the best services available to our citizens while keeping the tax rate low.


Lisa Smock
301 Marie Ave.
Elk Run Heights
Phone: 319-290-6236

Current City Council Members

Dennis Bass
505 Gilbertville Rd.
Heather Sallis
180 Gray St.
David Galbraith
623 Amber Lane
Travis Rodden
235 Elk Run Street
Dale Wilson
846 Dawn Dr.