History of Community

Elk Run Heights was begun by a small group of people who wanted to escape the problems of big city life.  The original tract of land was owned by Everette Sutton.  He plotted the first addition in 1947, known as Sutton’s First Addition.  The petition for incorporation was begun in April of 1951.  The first mayoral/council election was held in June 1951.

Street lights were installed and expansion began!   The first of these was Toneff Division.  Elk Run School came along in 1952, along with traffic ordinances, IPS franchise, Waterloo Fire protection and Gray Addition.  Then in 1954 came the Howard Fox, Wilshire Heights, Edna Fox Additions and Elk Run Municipal Water Works.  The city rented a building from Everette Sutton in January 1961, becoming the first official city hall.    The city water was “turned on” August 1961.  In that year the town enjoyed their first ice skating rink in Elk Run Park.  A footbridge over Elk Run Creek happened in 1962.  November of that year saw an addition to the Elk Run School.  City wives organized in January of 1963 accomplishing many projects-Christmas Stars, Easter egg hunts, flag displays and kept the water tower area attractive.  Talk of the city’s own sewer system began in 1964.  In October 1966 annexation of the area north and east of the present community was approved by voters.  A lighted baseball diamond discussion was held the same year.

Residents “hooked up” to the city’s new sewer system in 1971.  And in 1972 the city roads were black topped.  R. W. Staebell sold his building on Lafayette Road in 1974 to the city, that building housed the police department, water department, mayor’s office and council chambers.  The building was remodeled in 1975, the same year new Christmas decorations were purchased and a second employee was hired for the sewer plant.  Elk Run was declared a Bi-Centennial city in 1976 the same year of the city’s 25th birthday.   The Shirley property annexation was completed in 1977.   During that year the rental of the community room began and the United Concrete site was rezoned for their purchase. 

In September of 1978 two parks were renamed honoring former Mayors Walt Saveraid and Howard King.  Later that year the I-380 Interchange discussion with INRCOG began.  I-380 Interchange discussions continued in 1980.  The city joined the Tri-City Police Department with Evansdale and Raymond in July of 1983.  The city logo, an elk’s head, was designed in 1987.  In 1988 the city decided to contract police, fire and library services from Black Hawk County and the city of Waterloo.  Elk Run was named a Tree City USA in 1988.  Work begins on the I-380 Connection Link between I-380 and Dubuque Road in the fall of 1988.  September of 1989 was the grand opening of the I-380 Connection Link, the opening of Plaza Drive and the Elk Run Truck Plaza.  In November of 1989 Elk Run switched over from the city well to the Waterloo Water Works. 

Our progress continues……..

If you are interested, the complete history of the city is available at city hall.